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Thomas Moore's second novel, In Their Arms, releases this Tuesday, October 11. Ordering information Taking place across a mutating set of darkrooms, art galleries, blank apartments and bedrooms; In Their Arms is an acute inspection of loneliness, desire and confusion. The narrator attempts to simultaneously find himself and become lost completely in a world of sex, internet hook-ups, [Read More...]

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Drowning Narcisuss

Jacob Connor has led a charmed life... Read more in the latest book from J. Warren

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Emanuel Xavier
took the New York City spoken word scene by storm in 1996, quickly becoming one of the most significant voices to emerge from the neo-Nuyorican poetry movement. Following in the tradition of writers/performers like Miguel Piñero, Xavier captivated audiences with a fresh and poignant brand of art that celebrated sexuality, Latino heritage, and the often brutal streets of New York.

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